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Uni Dreams Educational Consultancy, Unverified Listing

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3rd Floor, CG Digital Building, Next to Ncell Store, Kumaripati, Lalitpur




Unidreams Educational Consultants is registered under the Govt. of Nepal, Registration No 160778/073/074 and VAT No 604374565 under the Companies Act 2006. We have also been approved by the Ministry of Education to provide counseling services for abroad studies.

Unidreams Education Consultants (UDEC) is a professional consulting firm specialized in providing placements for the prospective students interested in attending colleges and universities overseas. Officially incepted in 2016, UDEC holds the credential for excellent visa success rate and notable number of placements in the international educational institution in a very short span of time. Focused to provide unmatched individual focused career counseling, course placement and international students’ recruitment services, we at UDEC has been extensively credited for transforming the dream of studying abroad into a reality.

Our team of expertise is competent enough to provide you the best advices and guide you to overcome every barrier that may cross your path while processing in international universities and colleges. Acknowledging the interest of the majority, UDEC has been collaborating with the renowned institutions of the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe. As a means to provide comprehensive and time-tested services flawlessly, UDEC operates from the office located in Nepal and consultants working in India and Australia. We at UDEC are dedicated to ensure successful admission of our students. Hence, we guide them in every step from the beginning of the application till they reach and settle in the destination country. We make it a point to constantly keep in touch with all our students after they reach their destination country and give them continued support in terms of initial settlement formalities, accommodation, work and other nitty gritty issues that they may face in a foreign land.

We understand the individual needs of the students and design strategies accordingly. We assist them in their search for best institutions overseas for their Undergraduate, Graduate and/or Post Graduate studies. Providing honest and accurate information in accordance with the admission standards of the international institution, we guide students not only with the most appropriate foreign institutions but also with the best courses that would maximize their potential in obtaining top-notch higher education and building a promising career.

Over the years, we have been successful in bridging the gap between the students and the international educational institution by facilitating the greater public awareness of our partner institutions among prospective students, parents, academicians and recruiters. By providing the finest consulting solutions for the students and interns, Unidreams Education Consultants has been making a significant mark on the Foreign Education through its cutting edge manner of functioning.


The major corporate objective of UDEC is to offer global vision with a personal touch and overpass the information gap between students and the international educational institution. To attain the major objective, we keep updates of the changes and shifts in the global educational scene and further stand effective and reliable while delivering our services. 1. Updated with the global scenario, we convey the students with the right information so that they make the right choice. 2. Alongside, the interest of the partner institution concerns chiefly to us. We pursue the best possible ways that gratifies the interest of the partners and emphasize on the recruitment of the students in terms of quality relatively than focusing on the volumes.

The Nature of the Business and Services Provided

Each year thousands of students from Nepal seek information regarding admissions to Under Graduate/ Graduate programs in the Australia & New Zealand. Because there are a multitude of programs available across the world, the task of finding a suitable institution can be overwhelming and time-consuming for the student. The institution’s academic reputation is not the only factor in deciding which program would meet the needs of the student, but also the environment of the institution, such as the population, the cost of living, and the very process for applying to become a member of that community. UDEC would be able to provide adequate information the student would need to ensure an effortless arrival of a decision binding and successful application acceptance for the future.

UDEC’s major focus is in providing higher education to the Nepalese Students in the following continents: Australia, North America and Europe. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

1. Research Facilities and Database Services

Our research capabilities include a complete database of the thousands of under graduate and graduate programs and their admissions standards currently available in the Australia, Newlands, US, Canada, Europe and Schengen Countries Depending upon the type of services the client desires, we will provide up-to-the-minute, accurate background information on the institution(s) of their choice. Included in the research process are enrollment information, criteria for admissions, and a thorough explanation of the program(s) offered through each institution. This information can be transmitted to the student either via telefax, traditional hardcopy, or electronic personal mail, or a 977-1-5526758 customer support number. The extent of our research is left up to the decision of the client. UDEC is committed to serving the client by assisting them in this arduous process.

2. Application Process

UDEC will assist students with the application process, including how to obtain the necessary documents, such as entrance Visas and financial statements, which are required by each institution. Upon completion of the application, UDEC can provide additional assistance by reviewing the application and, if necessary, make appropriate suggestions and recommendations to ensure a polished, professional application is received by the institution. In addition, also included in the application process, UDEC will assure that all applications and the accompanying documents are promptly forwarded to the appropriate institution.

3. Customer Support

There will be a continuous follow-up to facilitate communication between our staff, agent, and the client base. Overseas agents/representatives will be available to answer questions and to provide clients with on-site support. A customer support number with a VRU voice response unit with integrated database connectivity will be provided so the client can be kept up-to-date with the progress of their application.

Our dedication to our clients does not stop when clients are accepted by their desired institutions; we offer the client a three-month period of support in which they can call our customer service number in the event they have questions about their initial months.

Business Objectivies

UDEC Nepal business resources will be scouted and staffed; we will be expanding in other countries with all served and the services available. Future business objectives include:

Services Offered

UDEC will not selectively source which colleges and/or universities are represented. The intent of UDEC business plan will include all accredited colleges, universities, and technical institutions.




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