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Topper's Academy Foundation, Unverified Listing

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We take an opportunity in introducing Topper’s Academy Foundation Pvt. Ltd. providing personalized counseling to students as well as parents, at all stages of education, from School to University level and have sent more than hundreds of students to the different countries of the world. Since 2011 Topper’s has been aspiring Asian Students through different locations covering entire Asia having Head Office at Kathmandu, Nepal and successfully turning the dreams into a reality of the aspiring Asian Students having desire to study overseas.

Study abroad is an exciting, challenging plunge into the academic life and culture of another country. Topper’s presentation is committed to helping students achieve a rewarding experience by providing essential information about issues related to study abroad. Topper’s goes a step ahead as it’s a time of tremendous academic and personal growth we ensure that they are properly guided by giving study orientation before departure about the respective course contents and the culture, weather, and cities in other country, so they are able to adapt themselves with the culture of the respective countries.

Topper’s is a solution-oriented company, with a single mind approach in tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles within the parameters that may prevail in each case. The parameters may be educational, financial or personal.


Toppers will always promote education excellence being true to its mission statement counseling for Promoting Educational Excellence. The professional guidance at Topper’s is often the overwhelming process which can reduce the anxiety and insure the best possible match of students to avoid any case of disappointment. In keeping the values of colleges and universities, and educational and economic background of students, our mission is always:

Academic – Topper’s adopts a need-focused approach in counseling the students to choose a particular course.

Professional and responsive – Topper’s is proud of its standards of services to students and institutions with respect to the quality and effectiveness of our work. Our long experience has made us so responsible and we always adopt a professional approach to the provision of services.

Flexible and innovative – Topper’s applies a creative and innovative approach to counsel students and to satisfy our representatives of colleges and universities through the development of a professional research colleting the views form our students, guardians and universities.

Confident and forward looking – Topper’s staff participates widely in consultancy and academic networks and seminars inside and outside the country in order to enhance our profile as a qualified consultant to maintain and ensure a true success Topper’s always evaluates the standards of its services that it provides to individual students and representatives of colleges and universities with respect to the quality and effectiveness of our work.


Topper’s caters its services to perspective clients through three different wings. They include Admission & Counselling Wing, and Language Wing. With a vision to distribute working load and systemize the delivery of services, winged categorization have drastically improved our efficiency.

The Admission & Counselling Wing places students to different institution, colleges and universities around the world providing unbaised counseling to perspecive students. We are currently focused on the following countries.

§ USA § Canada § UK § Ireland § Australia § New Zealand § Philippines § Russia § Norway § Sweden § Finland § Estonia § Latvia § Lithuania § Poland § Czech Republic § Slovakia § Hungary § Denmark § Netherlands § Germany

We pride ourselves for being a unique consultant in Nepal representing excellent institutions of different countries for choosing an appropriate place and an appropriate institution. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs and strengths of each student.
Making the right educational choice can make all the difference in a student life. Realizing this fact, we aim to:
• Help students make wise choices in search of the best educational match
• Foster the student’s academic and social growth
• Provide students with individual attention ,firsthand knowledge of educational of opportunity and suitable time to explore all of the option
• To keep pace with current educational trends
• Help students prepare themselves for abroad studies

Message from CEO

Dear prospective students, An exciting time – full of learning new opportunities and new experiences, student life is also a time of transition and many young people face difficult challenges in terms of study, career and life long experiences. Young people (students) have the challenges and responsibilities to transform the society by building their educational foundation strong. To solve all the complexities Toppers has been risen to uplift the student’s potential through quality test preparation, developing language and professional skills, abroad educational solutions by selecting career rewarding courses for brighter life into the global arena. The golden era in life must be meaningful. For these our experts in this field are ready round the clock to provide genuine and relevant information at an affordable price, stipulated time upto the utmost good faith. It gives us an immense pleasure to provide you the unparalleled quality of educational services compared to none. Our team is ready to take you the desired destination. Good luck for your career!

Thanking you in anticipation,

Managing Director


Chabahil to Boudha Road, Kathmandu




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