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Dillibazar Sadak, Kathmandu




We would like to introduce our organization-Sima Education Consultancy and  the services that we have been providing for the overall benefit of the students of Nepal who really have the zeal and affordability to have modern higher education at the renowned colleges and universities across the globe. It was not long ago that the students of Nepal were not quite commonly aware of where to get higher education of appropriate kind, and modern higher educational subjects are still not available at the institution of higher education in Nepal.

In such an educationally demanding circumstance in Nepal there is a great need for effective counseling service at a national level to provide guidance and appropriately advise the Nepalese students, so that students who can afford to and who are aspiring for higher education abroad, can search out appropriate opportunities to study overseas.

Sima Education Consultancy  has been increasingly effortful to operate orientation seminars for making aware the aspiring students to study abroad, conducting interviews, preparing them for TOEFL /IELTS/SAT/ACT/GMAT/GRE and making them familiar with the international rules and regulations for visa and students employment opportunities and so forth…

Our company’s initiative in the freshly grown up markets of international education for our students has gained an enormous success. Since, not any organization in our professional sector has ever achieved the target that we have excelled. Our success adequately has shown that we have surpasses our competitors and that is due to our sincere efforts and glaring efficiency, this has made us to find out ourselves quite enthusiastic to serve much with greater efficiency and dedication so that larger number of students would be served to meet their educational goals. This, in the long run, will not only help producing fruits for the family from where they come, but also a great support to the nation to prosper.


Our head Office is situated at Dillibazar ,Kathmandu,Nepal .We been fully equipped with manpower and the materials that are required for the efficient working of it, and also for having great competitiveness in this world market, we are more than confident that we can much extensively serve the people of Nepal: the aspiring students, their parents and relatives, and those who have some influencing  role in  sending student abroad for higher education, Following are the categories of resources that we have with us dedicated to accomplish our job of advising our students for international institution of higher levels.



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