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Real Dreams Educational Consultancy, Unverified Listing

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3rd Floor, Y Block, Kathmandu Plaza, Kamaladi -31, Kathmandu




Real Dreams is an educational consultancy that has been assisting students for admission in Colleges and Universities in many countries such as Australia and United Kingdom since 2003. It has well established rapport with many universities and colleges in various countries in the world. Our team of the academic advisors has extensive experience and skills gained from working within the further educational academias.

Our aim is to develop and promote Real Dreams, as one of the leading educational consultancy in the educational industry. We deliver genuine educational and career counselling services as we always give important to critical thinking, intellectual curiosity and innovation. Real Dreams seeks to promote an environment where freedom of thoughts and diverse manifestation are adhered. We are encouraging and inspiring academic and socio-culture, where exemplary level of integrity and character are reflected.

In order to fulfil our mission, Real Dreams operates on the following guidelines which will serve for a progressive, academically stimulating and socially engaging institution of active and practical learning.

  • Real Dreams works in the factual basis in the industry with hands –on experience and real world knowledge and promotes and equip them with continuous training, coaching with required tools and resources.
  • Real Dreams offers broad range of student services which are intended to meet the needs and expectations of potential students who are willing to enrol in reputed academia abroad.
  • Real Dreams uses the latest tools and technology including audio visual and multimedia devices whilst delivering courses and exam preparation.
  • Real Dreams continually organises various trainings, seminars and interaction programs to enrich students’ experience and widen their perspective about their subject matter in particular and about their life in general.
  • Real Dreams facilitates and promotes international and intercultural educational exchange and experience.
  • Real Dreams provides comprehensive educational services by assisting students in every phase of their studies abroad from initial counselling sessions and courses, including exam preparation and intensive language study, to university application and visa application preparation and submission.
  • Real Dreams comprehensively prepares students for exciting new cross cultural experiences prior to their departure.



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