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Professional Edu Consultancy, Unverified Listing

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7th Floor, Shree Krishna Sadan, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

01-4785339, 9801349349



Founded in 1994, Professional Education Consultancy (Professional) has come a long way given the ease with which it has been handling aspiring students wanting to go abroad for studies. With PEC, the task of guiding a student to a best college or University is now a ritual. But given our professional team of counselors, it is indeed done with a flip of finger or so to say. We are proud we can do that with a flip of a finger, literally. In fact, doing things most professionally has become our USP, Taking care of formalities is our forte and we do it with flair and aplomb. We represent colleges in Australia, UK, USA. Thailand, India, Switzerland & Japan. However successfully enrolling a student at the college of his/her choice is not as simple as we made out at the very outset. Over the years, Professional has tired new things, and that includes exploring new courses for our clients. That is because the world as a business forum is changing and so should a bright student.

Our vision is to evolve a nation with professionals in all the areas of academic pursuit, following the global trends of education.

Our Objectives are :

  • Exploring avenues of quality education.
  • Suggesting education that will deliver results.
  • Exploring the needs of the community and shaping accordingly.
  • Responding to the demand of the age.
Our Value Matrix
  • We value quality rather than quantity.
  • We value quality learning environment.
  • We value professional teaching environment.
  • We value creativity, innovation and confidence.



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