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Prime College, Unverified Listing

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Nayabazar, Khusibun, Kathmandu




Accommodating more than 1400 students, Prime College is located in the heart of the city – Khusibu, Naya Bazar, Kathmandu. The College is spread across two different location and has four modern buildings with sufficient spacious and fully furnished rooms spread well over 8 ropanis of College premises. The college new building with modern amenities has come in use since last four years and entire bachelor level programs are conducted here. We are known for our extraordinary faculties, distinguished researchers, scholars and experts. Prime College offers world-class academic programs and a growing array of intellectual programs and activities such as debate, public speaking, social welfare, event organizing, and inter College sports activities helping students to grow in diversity both academically and intellectually. Our courses are designed to maximize productivity and enhance competency through the acquisition of subject knowledge and practical skills. Our curriculum and trainings equip students to face the real world challenges it guides you to make your mark in a real life world. Whichever courses pathway you choose, our teaching and non-teaching staff give you full and on-going support, helping you to fulfill your dreams, ambitions and your future.

Prime’s Key Aims

  • Provide students with a secure, well-ordered environment in which to foster academic, physical, social and spiritual development.
  • Promote abilities through a balanced, coherent, comprehensive curriculum appropriate to student needs.
  • Develop positive personal qualities, sensitivity to the needs of others and the ability to achieve sound personal relationships.
  • Value students as individual and members of the college community. This prepares them to make positive contributions in adult life in a rapidly changing society.
  • Monitor individual student progress from beginning to end against objective measures of academic potential.
  • We offer intervention, support and counseling.




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