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Prasadi Academy, Unverified Listing

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Jawalakhel, Lalitpur




Ever since its establishment in 1997, Prasadi Academy has secured a formidable place among Nepal’s reputed groups of +2 with its dedication to the highest educational standards. Prasadi is fully engaged in the communities in which it is located among both public and private academies. Through its curriculum, +2 life, and extracurricular activities, it stimulates students’ critical thinking and heightens their moral sensitivity. It encourages them to be seekers of truth, responsible and knowledgeable citizens of the world facing tough competition posed by the fast-growing advancement of science and technology.


To accomplish its mission, Prasadi Academy has the following purposes:

  • To provide quality education to aspiring students.
  • To provide intensive and comprehensive instructions using participatory approach that strengthens students’ academic achievement.
  • To instill in its students the value of lifelong learning by stimulating intellectual curiosity, creative and critical thinking, and awareness of diversity.
  • To assist students in developing learning attitudes, habits, values, skills and strategies that will enhance their potentiality for success in their life long career.
  • To plan and provide facilities and resources that respond to the needs of students, faculty and staff.
  • To provide the community with individuals who can meet the ever-changing needs of business, government, and industry now and in the future.


Prasadi Academy is a unique academic institution dedicated to providing a healthy environment with student- friendly atmosphere. Our mission is to nurture students’ hidden talents and bring them to fruition through constant guidance and supervision. Discipline, constructivism and studiousness with integrated personality development is what we nurture in our students.

Thus, intellectually and morally equipped students passing out of Prasadi are in an enviable position to take up any challenges, be the pursuit of higher studies abroad or the career goals that life might throw up.


  • Prasadi Academy aims at achieving the following objectives
  • Facilitating students to learn in a highly disciplined environment
  • Creating a student-friendly atmosphere for interactive learning.
  • Enhancing certain values such as diligence, self-respect, self-help, self-confidence and respect for seniors.
  • Providing balanced teacher/student ratio for harmonious and fruitful learning.
  • Focusing on cent percent results.
  • Developing students into responsible and pragmatic citizens.
  • Keeping up the spirit of the age with deep reverence for tradition and culture.
  • Maintaining the institution’s co-educational character so as to close up the gender division.



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