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Patan Heart Clinic, Unverified Listing

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East of Lagankhel Buspark, Lalitpur




Patan Heart Clinic is situated in the heart of Lalitpur. It has initiated to provide healthcare services, promotive, preventive and curative services to the general population. Recently it has extended its services by taking over Lalitpur General Practice Clinic (renown as Dr. D.B. Shrestha’s Clinic), which has continuously providing the health care services since 2068 B.S. Not only this, Patan Heart Clinic has expanded its health care facility by collaborating with Nepal Diabetic and Orthopedic Upachar Center and Meri Swasthya Sewa Kendra so that the patient with women health issues, Endocrinology disorder and orthopedic issues can be addressed.
1. Capability
Patan Heart Clinic has got lots of super specialized doctors, a well maintained infrastructure, computerized laboratory, up-to-date diagnostic medical machines like ECG machine, X-ray, Ultrasound Machine, Echo Machine, Doppler Machine, well trained nursing staffs and other staffs. All the information about the Patan Heart Clinic is mentioned below in detail.
At present Dr. Krishna Kumar Shrestha, Cardiologist from Patan Hospital and Midat Hospital is working as Medical Director along with Dr. Priti Bajracharya, Obstetrics and Gynecologist from Alka Hospital is taking care of women health issues and management. And in this camp also, Dr. Shrestha and Dr. Bajracharya is taking all the needful responsibility.

2. Location
Nowadays Patan Heart Clinic is rendering its services from two branches. One is located in Tangal, Lallitpur-12 (Near Min Nath Temple), and another from Lagankhel, Lalitpur-6 (East of Lagankhel Bus Park). It is easily accessible as it can be reached easily with a single bus from any part of Lalitpur Sub-metropolitan city. If someone is unable to reach the clinic then one can contact the clinic number and staff will personally help to get to the clinic.

3. Rationales

It has a long history of providing health care to the people of Lalitpur and outside the Kathmandu valley since 2068 BS, having a good reputation of its quality services and community friendly approach since its establishment. Currently it has increased its capacity to 5 day-care beds along with Promotive, preventive, curative and other diagnostics services with 25 staff. Patan Heart Clinic has a basic set up of infrastructure, equipment, instruments, and social capital that can be utilized to operate a well-run clinic.

4. Objectives

o To provide preventive and curative health care to the general population
o To ensure the sustainability of the program initiated by Patan Heart Clinic
o To incorporate health promotion, and health care demands created by urbanization
o To collaborate with potential partner organizations in order to ensure the access to comprehensive ways of health care delivery system



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