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Nibs Education and Visa Services, Unverified Listing

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Nimisha Building, Devkota Sadak, New Baneshwor, Kathmandu




It’s been long-standing years into the education industry servicing our valuable students since our inception as “Nibson International Information Centre”, Kathmandu, Nepal (2007) to “Nibs Education and Visa Services”(NEVS), Sydney, Australia. We have successfully craved our journey to an innovative and ambitious level internationally.

Fundamentally, we are highly trained and equipped professionals for educational and career counseling, migration and solicitors practicing services. Additionally, we are also providing services like tax refunds, professional year and PTE/IELTS preparation class.

We are more versatile in acting as a mentor, companion and career counselor for a diversified population of Asian countries namely, Nepal, India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. Our professionals are highly enthusiastic for serving the diversified population with various linguistic approaches.

Welcome to Nibs Education and Visa Services, We nurture your academic excellence, pursue your career option and shelter your golden future for a positive change. We encourage your ideas, innovation, and interest which have valuable meaning in your life. Hence let’s walk together securing your future and making this world a beautiful place to live in.

The best preparation for your tomorrow is doing our best today.

 Our Slogan:  “Initiating Education Changing Life”-

One can’t dream better life unless equipped with good education and knowledge.  Thus, our career is determined by the degree of information and knowledge we get either academically or informally. Hence, on a collaborative effort with students, we assist them planning their career independently as per their curiosity and aspiration with an array of choices and effective guidelines.


Simply, everybody advice everywhere, but nobody cares how important the advice and suggestion will be in another life. When it comes to the matter of education and career- seriously it can be devastating and heartbreaking, if misguided.

According to ACA (American Counseling Association) counseling profession empowers diverse individuals, families, and groups for educational and career goals accomplishment. Globalization has transformed the planet into small inter-connected village either politically, economically, socially or technologically. Now, everyone has access in either academic or career prospects internationally.

Thus there arise the respected need for ethical, highly resourceful and trained counselor, career advisors and migration lawyers who can bring smiles in every face and change our society towards advancement. We believe a single life can influence millions of lives thus people like Darwin, Einstein, Thomas Edison, William Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg who has drastically elucidated various dimension of our society.  Almost famous intellectual are trained in developed society as they get environment for innovation and flexibility in learning, thus this scenario encourage for the birth of Nibs Education and Visa services for Asian students to learn, train and nurture with advanced societies in renowned institution, so they can advance Asian economic, political, social and technological phenomenon.

We want to sharpen the intellectuality of south Asian students by assisting their access with world-renowned universities and colleges for further education. Our pool of certified, well trained and highly resourceful counselor and migration agents will reinforce “Good Career Fit” for our prospective students.

We want to line up our brand name as the trusted recruitment partner for global education and career. Our continuous endeavor will be working intently with respective legislative and authorities within and outside the industry for everyone benefit and welfare.

Mission statement: Creating a beautiful world to live by global educational empowerment and career advancement through effective counseling and career guidelines.



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