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Namuna College of Fashion Technology, Unverified Listing

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Bansbari Road, Kathmandu




The name “Namuna” in the context of fashion in Nepal conjures up a remarkable history that goes 4 decades (and counting) back !

It was all set in motion by our Founder Principal, Mrs. Gyani Shova Tuladhar, a name synonymous with fashion in Nepal and considered one of the nation’s most prominent and celebrated fashion designer of her time, in both the domestic and international circles.

It was the early 1970s and she having returned to Kathmandu after completing her designing course abroad established “Namuna Silai”, one of Nepal’s most oldest and famed designing/tailoring firm that has over the years catered to the general public, movie stars, socialites, high ranking diplomats/government officials and members of the former royal family.

The year 1997 saw the commencement of Namuna Institute of Technology (NIT), that is most probably Nepal’s first professional training institute to offer career and self – employment oriented crash courses in various aspects of fashion designing and clothing construction.

The year 2002 would be another milestone for “Namuna” and would forever be etched in the history of Nepal’s education system and the fashion industry as it witnessed the commencement of Namuna College of Fashion Technology (NCFT), the country’s 1st Fashion College and initiator of Bachelors education in Fashion in the country.

Namuna College of Fashion Technology (NCFT) is Nepal’s first Fashion College and the initiator/pioneer of academic education in Fashion in the country. We introduced Nepal’s first ever Bachelors course in Fashion through our Bachelor of Fashion Design (BFD) program of 3 years (6 Semesters) in 2002 in affiliation with Purbanchal University. In 2016, we introduced Nepal’s first Bachelors course in Fashion of 4 years (8 semesters) through our Bachelor of Fashion Design and Management (BFDM) program in affiliation with Purbanchal University, Nepal.

The efforts of the college to provide the best academic experience to students, complemented by an exceptional curriculum, outstanding team of faculty members, superior teaching learning methodology, excellent infrastructure and mutual relationships with foreign design institutions, is well recognized among stakeholders of fashion.

Similarly, the tremendous success of our graduates as entrepreneurs and career professionals in fashion has contributed to further consolidate its status as the veritable pioneer and the pre-eminent name in fashion education in the country.


We envision providing fashion education to higher secondary ( 2) and Masters levels in the future and we also see ourselves to become a fashion resource and information centre for students, teachers and all other stakeholders of the fashion industry.


To maintain ourselves as the pioneer design college by continually providing our students with updated real-world knowledge, skills and values in the field of fashion technology in an advanced teaching environment supplemented by appropriate infrastructure, highly experienced instructors and mutual relationships with foreign design institutions.



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