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Mission Mountain Travel and Tours, Unverified Listing

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Saatghumti Marga, Thamel, Kathmandu

01-4700655, 9841459563

sbeenod@gmail.com, info@missionmountaintravel.com


Mission Mountain Travel and tour (P.) Ltd. is a window to explore the exotic beauty and exciting adventures of the wonderful land of mountains. Nepal, the home of the highest summit of the world Mount Everest, is an exhibition of world’s highest mountain peaks. Having major peaks of the world which are over 8000m, Nepal is the ultimate destination for experience the mountain adventure. The Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is popular for its unique topographical features, the natural biodiversity and its rich and distinctive culture. This exotic utopia creates boundless opportunities to enjoy the magnificent panoramas of natural beauty and to experience wild challenges of nature. The trekking in the enchanting mountains or rafting in the wild rivers, exploring the dense forest, canyoning in the refreshing waterfall, gliding across the highest peaks and the beautiful valley etc. are some of the adventures you can imagine in this adventurous land. But this Himalayan kingdom has much more to offer which is beyond imagination. They say there is no end to the adventure in Nepal. And as long as there are companies like Mission Mountain, there is definitely no end to adventure and it goes on bigger and bigger.
Mission Mountain, the company which has been serving to the adventure lovers since last 8 years, is the ideal destination for those who love to experience the wild challenges of enchanting mountains. The company is established in Dec.15, 2010 and is licensed under the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. Mission mountain is a team of enthusiastic adventure lovers who have spent most of their time amid the mountain region and are Eveready to experience the thrill of the nature. The service of Mission mountain is extensive and is stretched to all facets covering the most adventurous and thrilling journey in the mountainous country. Rafting, paragliding, trekking in Nepal, Bunjee Jump, Kayaking, Canyoning, Jungle Safari in Nepal Mountaineering,Nepal Package tour etc. are some of the widely experienced adventure activities of Nepal. Besides, there are many other recreational activities that let you to discover and ascertain the blissful and amusing aspects of nature.



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