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Manmohan Memorial Medical College and Teaching Hospital, Unverified Listing

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Swayambhu, Kathmandu




The health indicators of Nepal are embarrassing. Poverty, malnutrition, ignorance, deep rooted traditional beliefs, unmanaged urbanization and deteriorating environmental conditions are the major factors affecting health of the Nepalese people. In this circumstances, Nepal Health Care Co-operative Limited (NEHCO) is founded and registered under cooperative act on 17 March, 2006 under which a 100 bedded Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH) and Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences (MMIHS) are established in the year 2006 and 2007 respectively. Both wings are established under the name of Former Prime Minister Late Manmohan Adhikaria great patriot and legendary leader of Nepal and South Asia.

In line with national and international thinking of Center of Excellence with purpose of providing quality medical education, health service delivery and health research, Manmohan Memorial Teaching Hospital (MMTH) is established under NECHO. NECHO is committed to invest its all efforts to ensure the quality health care service delivery and to provide the practical as well as scientific education through the cooperative initiatives. MMIMS has been established by a group of academicians, researchers, industrialists and prominent professionals with extensive exposure to a wide range of innovative knowledge, experience and teaching/learning practices. Apart from this, MMIMS aims at providing high-end health services facilitating with modern medical technologies within the reach of all citizens.



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