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Lincoln College, Unverified Listing

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Lincoln College is an advanced co-educational academic institution in the valley affiliated to NEB for +2 Science, Management, Education & Humanities streams, and to Tribhuvan University for B.B.S. (Management), B.A. (Humanities) with BSW and B.Ed. (Education) Programmes. The college is established and promoted by leading academicians including dedicated, experienced and professional Lecturers of TU, KU, PU and experts from abroad as well. Honouring the philosophy of Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln College was established in 1998 to spread the light of education. Lincoln College is conveniently located at the heart of Kathmandu. We are dedicated to providing quality education in the field of Technology and Management.

We believe that an educated and qualified citizenry is the backbone upon which the prosperity of a nation can bloom. With this realization, we aim to provide qualitative education to face the multifarious challenges in practical life in an ever- increasingly complex and competitive world. In other words, our mission is to produce the best brains in Science, Computer Science & Management and all faculties. We are dedicated to taking every possible care of students’ all round development. We are committed to imparting quality education at affordable fee. Beside, we want to lead in the society-based field of education, i.e. developing education materials & having seminars, training and workshops etc. for brushing up the students. We, as an aspiring pedagogic institution plan to have affiliation with other prestigious universities around the world. Thus we envision a “teachers and students exchange programs.

Lincoln College believes in “quality education for humanity.” The quality education has become the basic human necessity and everyone is keen to learn and educate themselves. Education equips a person with the strategic knowledge and skills necessary to face the challenges of life. Society’s culture and nation’s Progress depend on students’ learning opportunities. Educational opportunities at Lincoln College are affiliated to the Higher Secondary Education Board (HSEB) and Tribhuvan University. Our aim is to develop students’ ability and quality through practical and holistic in-house educational environment. TO achieve the above, our academic staff members are always engaged at facilitating every student to enrich personal capacity to achieve competitive success.

Lincoln College aims to develop responsible citizen to handle the challenges ahead creatively and independently has been strongly supported by the best facilities of educational friendly environment, experienced and dedicated teachers, library, science lab, playground, and latest teaching-learning methodologies.

We take full responsibility of all students and the college staff to do best to cope with academic and administrative issues for the overall advancement of the institution, which will be reflected in the capacity of human resource we produce. We have a healthy environment for both students and teachers to eclogues them in their professions so that the product of this intuition can compete in market and/or do own enterprise successfully and confidently. We assure, Lincoln college is mature impart quality education in the most experienced way. Wishing all the best to all of us and looking forward to welcoming you at Lincoln College.



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