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Kamala's Beauty Care, Unverified Listing

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Koteshwor, Kathmandu

01-4102741, 01-5100201



We provide a complete beauty care products, services & Training.
“Female only”

“When you become one beautiful, you come in confidence. Confidence will make you to succeed.”

It means everyone needs confidence and wants great personality both physically and psychologically. To come in the confidence and to develop great personality, there must be some factors to be considered like education, knowledge of technology, well dress up, behavior, characters, hair style, skin care, sanitation etc, that’s why It is only possible if he/she also maintains and care his/her skin, hair, face, hand, legs etc. Due to the different ages, human skin, hair and face shape are also changed to old and worst. Therefore, there is possibility to keep and maintain our personality with the help of beauty products, care and technology.

Being in this salon trade for a decade, it has constantly refined, redefined and revolutionaries the concept and dexterity of Hairstyling in Nepal through academics and educational seminars.
Constant client interaction of Habits in their hairstyling profession has provided us the platform to come out with the finest range of Hair & Skin Care products. For this, we have utilized the medicinal qualities of herbs in combination with modern technology and 10 years of our experience in Cosmetology to make the products of outstanding among all the competitive International Brands.



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