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Hotel Goodwill, Unverified Listing

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Near Patan Darbur Square, Kanibahal, Lalitpur




Hotel Goodwill is located at the heart of the city of Patan. When you move towards the core of this city, it would seem like a living museum because of its exquisite art and culture, its ancient monuments, shrines and temples, and because of the people who create them. This home of craftsmen is situated nearly 5 kilometers south of Kathmandu. A large part of Nepalese handicrafts is exported and about 90% of these handicrafts are manufactured in Patan. If you are an importer of handicrafts from Nepal or a souvenir buyer, you must at least visit Patan once while in Nepal. The most popular place in Patan for artists is Kanibahal, where Hotel Goodwill is located. When you step out of the hotel, you could observe the skillful artists working to produce different handicraft goods. Patan holds many cultural festivities in every average 15 days. One of them, which can be viewed from the hotel premises at the end of July is Mataya, a popular which is celebrated with long processions of devotees worshipping holy Buddhist stupas inside courtyards in Patan carrying lighted tapers. To celebrate all these, the hotel itself is decorated with lots of huge traditional style handmade statues, stone stupa, stone water taps, wood carvings, red brick (Dachi Appa) antique pillars etc. Every corner of the hotel has some type of Nepali art on the display. The hotel rooms are also named after the names of gods and goddesses.

Thus, Hotel Goodwill offers hospitality as well as a glimpse into the fertile land of Nepali art and culture. Remember the hotel if you are interested in Nepali art, or if you are an importer of handicrafts from Nepal. You will not be disappointed.



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