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Heritage International Education, Unverified Listing

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Above Saree Palace, Putalisadak, Kathmandu




Heritage International Education is an educational consultancy of long and proud raditions. It was founded in 1992 and has for nearly two decades been an important part of learning realm and a bridge of professional career. it is probably the first consultancy which has been involved in several projects and educational iniiatives. Furthermore, it has been catering for students and their particular demands. it provides in entry-level courses like TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT. It has resulted in us providing even more comprehensivce services to the local students. It has got an elite team in the country.

Heritage International Education is focused at keeping speed with improvement in technology and teaching method which being dynamic is constantly changing. The primary focus is to meet the global demands of high quality education through expert counselling.


Heritage International Education has occupied the first and second floor of Building with 2200 sq feet and one seminar hall. The first floor consists of Receptions (Information Office, Counselling room, Managing Directors’s Room and Marketing Department). And Second floor consists computer lab with net facility, library, class room are well equipped and well managed. Financial department and Academic department is also attached with lab room. Each and every individuals is well known to Heritage International Education and its counselling and guidence that the parents and students desperately looking and desireing for when the people enter this office for more information they are self motivated through an academic environment and are highly motivated towards study and interaction.


Heritage International Education is registered under Nepal Company Act 2053 which strictly follows the prevalent rules, regulations and law, which are ruled for smooth operation. It has been registered in VAT (Value Added Tax) office as well.

This company is an executive member of Nepal Educational Consultants of Association (NECA), which is a authorized government registered association of consulties of Nepal.

Message from MD

Welcome to Heritage International Education. It has long, rich and proud traditions. Heritage was incepted in the year 1992 which is probably the first education consultancy in the country. We are proud to say that hundred of professionals like doctors, engineers, pilots, chartered accountants and professors catered our services and now are serving our society and nation. Thousand of students have been getting higher education in renowned educational establishments around the world. Giving individual attention has been our tradition since its establishment. Our counselors and staffs are well trained and supportive who can assist you to choose the best institution and educational destination based on global demand.Heritage offers wide range of test preparation classes such as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GRE, GMAT, etc. The test preparation classes offered by Heritage are comprehensive and are continuously being updated. We have outstanding professional team who has possess high profile in teaching field. We have created a congenial and serene environment for test preparation with the new technology and equipment. We are committed here to support your academic pursuit.

We firmly believe that Heritage will be your best education partner which will open the door of global education network for you.

Our Mission

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The key objectives of Heritage Internaitonal Education are as enumerated follows:

    • Exchange the modern education technology and culture to Nepal with the cooperation of national and colleges and universities.
    • Proper abroad study guidence for aspiring students for higher studies.
    • Preparing the students for fullfillment of international standard test preparations such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, SAT and ACT.
    • Providing human resourse training, as computer training, languages, teaching classes and more which help students abroad.
    • Recruiting qualified Nepalese students to international institutions for further study and career development.
    • Promoting the college and universities in Nepal with different promotional activities with own expert marketing team and funds through different advertising medias.
    • Organise different workshop and seminars of international colleges and universities in Nepal with the cooperation of global wise institutions.
    • Participate in workshop and seminar organized by embassies and high commission and deliver the information to the students.



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