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Habibs Hair and Beauty Salon, Unverified Listing

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2nd Floor, Kasthamandap Bazar Building, Kamaladi, Kathmandu




THE HOUSE OF HABIBS spanning thirty-one outlets across India and abroad with three fervent generations dedicated to hair styling has become synonymous with personalized care. Today getting your Hair done at Habibs, spells out the message loud and clear that you are in tune with the times. The infrastructure appliances and facilities at all their salons match International standards and so are renowned for professionalism and client satisfaction the world over.

Being in this salon trade for three decades, they have constantly refined, redefined and revolutionized the concept and dexterity of Hair styling in India through academics and educational seminars.

Constant client interaction of Habibs in their hair styling profession has provided them the platform to come out with the finest range of Hair & Skin Care products. For this, they have utilized the medicinal qualities of herbs in combination with modern technology and twenty-five year of their experience in Cosmetology to make the products of outstanding among all the competitive International Brands.