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Green City Hospital, Unverified Listing




Basundhara, Kathmandu




Green City Hospital (GCH) is a well equipped multi-speciality hospital located in Basundhara, Kathmandu. It is led by a team of compassionate multi-disciplinary, highly trained doctors, nurses and technicians who can provide the best care to every patient through integrated clinical service and education. Spread across 28,475 sq.ft. of land, the hospital has 100 beds including 15 intensive care units (ICU), modular operation theatre and fully automated laboratory.

Our mission is the improvement of health and the alleviation of pain, suffering and sickness for the people we serve.

We will achieve this through providing high quality,cost-effective and integrated healthcare with compassion and through the constant quest for new treatement strategies and the development of the people who work for us. Our core values are Excellence, Compassion,Respect,Delivery,Learning and Improvement.Collaboration and partnership are central to our approach in delivering our triple functions of patient care,education and research.The patient is the heart of everything.GCH is committed to delivering high quality care to  patients irrespective of age,disability,religion,race,gender and sexual orientation,ensuring that its services are accessible to all but tailored to the individual.GCH strive for excellence in healthcare by encouraging a culture of support,respect,integrity and teamwork by monitoring and assessing its performance against national and international standards, by learning from its successes and setbacks,by  striving to improve what it does through innovation ad change, and by working in partnership and collaboration with all the agencies of health and social care in the area it serves. At last but not the least, I want to express that ethics and integrity ara critical components of our culture,and it’s up to all of us to disclose and any compliance violation and assist in doing the right thing without fear of retaliation.It’s through your actions that we preserve and advance our reputaion and industy leadership .



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