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Everest Japanese Language Consultancy, Unverified Listing

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Kumaripati, Lalitpur





As a principal I am very thankful to the team of Japanese language instructor who are quite experienced and talented. I am quite grateful to have been a part of them and their dedication.

This institute is extremely different from others because we have some different techniques methods and program of teaching. I am confident that the students who study at this institute will be completely satisfied and can take full advantage of the study when they go to Japan and even in Nepal to build up their careers. They can easily adjust to the new environment in Japan and get used to any situations they have abroad.

Krishna Maharjan, Principal

You are always welcome to Everest Japanese Language Consultancy from the bottom of our heart.
Everest Japanese Language Consultancy always focuses on giving student true information about Japan, Japanese culture and traditions so that they can feel easier and tensionless in Nepal, even after their entry into Japan. It’s a team packed with experience and mature professional. We truly feel our responsibility to uplift the level of Japanese education standard in Nepal and expansion of it. We are fully certain that we can give complete satisfaction and buildup students’ confidence of all levels. When you know better you do better.


We believe that only right knowledge can lead to the right destination. It is our pleasure that we are in position to ensure the success and drastic change in the betterment of language skill.
We are keen on helping you get interested in learning enthusiastic about Japanese culture, tradition and manners and their tongue by visual learning system and through the direct communication with Japanese.
Everest Japanese Language Consultancy has been established by the team of professional, highly experienced instructors trained at the University of Japan. Most instructors are experienced in teaching Japanese at least 6 to 19 years. Any student who is desirous of studying in Japan or dreams of improving his or her Japanese Language skills and talent can find their dream come true at EVEREST JAPANESE LANGUAGE CONSULTANCY. More over we have designed our JAPANESE LANGUAGE COURSE in a very unique and inspiring way so that students can easily adjust to our class.


  • We introduce the best school in Japan for study
  • We provide Scholarship
  • We provide part time job
  • Free Japanese language classes at your convenient time
  • Free processing
  • Free documentations
  • Free counseling for study in Japan
  • Special practical language classes
  • Classes are run by expert instructors using variety of teaching materials
  • Pay after Certificate of Eligibility (COE).



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