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Bagbazar, Kathmandu




It is an educational consultancy which is an envisioned project of Mr. Nayan Lamichhane to render qualitative and reliable services to the students who wish to pursue academic career in the international community. As the person himself is an MBA graduate from the University of Technology Sydney, Australia, he is well acquainted with the importance of quality education for the prosperity of any individual. As such he set the foundation stone of this educational consultancy in the name of E-PLANET and has been working for the fulfillment of the dreams of the prospect seeking students. It is the consultancy which directly represents many of the reputed universities of Australia which certifies its reliability.
So E-PLANET is the reliable option with no competitive alternative for the students pursuing academic career.

Mission & Vision

E-PLANET has set its student centered vision and intends to dedicate its services in counseling students regarding the matter associated with abroad studies and test preparation classes. The satisfaction of the parents and guardians after the achievement of pursued career by their children is the mission of our institution which is self motivated to render such reliable service. Furthermore, we can present the vision of the institution in the following points:

  • Promotion of professional and career oriented relation with the concerned universities and colleges and cherish the success with the direct stakeholders i.e. the students.
  • Get recognized as a reliable and trust-worthy institution and working for it day and night.
  •  Play enzymatic role in order to raise the living standard of the students pursuing higher education through our affiliated colleges.
  • Help students witness the pursuance of international level quality education and help utilize it in order to uplift the status of the country. We engrave the feeling of deep nationality in the heart of the people in contact.
  • Help develop the country by developing the human resource: a true asset of the country for which we prioritize our service rendering for not just sending students abroad for quality education acquiring but we intend to welcome them back home after the attainment of international level degree.



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