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Awarded International Education, Unverified Listing

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Putalisadak, Kathmandu




Awarded International Education pvt.ltd. is a premier coaching institute for the abroad study , Test preparation & widely known for its professional support services. Our trained staff provides personal assistance through seminars, counseling and education fairs. Our career counselors provide extensive personal guidance regarding career assessment and guidance services which helps the students to identify appropriate courses. Pioneer in the field with long time of good experience, professional & certified team with experience. Deliver a high-quality Comprehensive and unbiased information. Right from the beginning of awarded international education pvt.ltd students and guardians have shown a lot of faith on us and it has made us more responsible.

Why US?

There is a no dearth of what we call ‘education shops’ across the world, so it’s important to choose an education and immigration consultant with a lot of caution. A lot of times, students rely on friends, family or the internet to make decisions. The truth is that your friends don’t really have years of experience working in the international education field or the requisite training and tools to be equipped with the latest information that you would need to be successful.

TRUST : We operate to the highest level of ethical conduct. Hence, guardians and prospective students can consult us with confidence.
PROFESSIONALISM : All services are delivered in a highly professional procedure.
SERVICE : We operate with highest standard of Customer Service
ACCOUNTABILITY : We take full responsibility for our actions
SUPPORT : Students can expect support from us even after our primary services.















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