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Asylum Hair Salon, Unverified Listing

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A-One Business Complex, Bhagawati Bahal, Thamel, Kathmandu




Asylum Hair Salon can deliver its services right at your doorstep. Our home visits are indulgent and pampering just like our in-salon treatments to provide you with excellent hair and beauty services. If you prefer us to come to your convenient address, Asylum Hair Salon will happily deliver its services exactly where and when you want.

Most of the products we use at salon exclusively imported from USA, Korea, India, China, and other countries, while we use hand-picked high quality Nepalese products as well. Finally, we assure you of professional, personalized and high quality service at all times.

At Asylum Hair Salon, we take every possible measure to ensure that our clients are safe from infections and diseases. We thoroughly clean and sanitize the tools we use every time. We dispose razor blades after every single use and wash all of our combs and brushes with antibacterial soaps. Our towels are washed after each use. Likewise, the water we use is well-filtered. We also maintain cleanliness and hygiene on the floor, in the waiting area and in all washrooms, for your full safety and comfort. We are setting a very high standard for hygiene to reassure you our entire operations reflect superior quality.



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