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ABC Television Nepal, Unverified Listing

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New Plaza Sadak, Putalisadak, Kathmandu




Nepali people today are either less informed due to lack of research-oriented media institutions or are confronting with the ambiguity of the information being disseminated to them. In this context, ABC aims to carter to the need of news-thirsty people of Nepal by offering them 24 hour Nepali news that is relevant to today’s Nepal. Instilled with the core mantras of accuracy, balance, credibility of news, our professional and innovative team is all set to give a new taste to all viewers and establish ABC as a trend-setting channel in the Nepalese history of broadcast journalism. To achieve this goal, ABC covers the full spectrum of news ranging from politics to business, investigative reports to consumer issues, crime to environment and environment to innovation, among others. Aside from this, ABC news aims at bringing the entire world closer to Nepali people and vice versa by informing and engaging them fully.
In conformity with the rights ensured by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nepal, ABC is devoted to safeguarding the people’s right to information as a fundamental right. To this end, our efforts are being translated via one electronic platforms: ABC Television Pvt. Ltd.

ABC Television

The name ABC as such represents the accuracy, balance and credibility, the core values of journalism. ABC strives for accomplishing the new, yet incontestable efforts through its immediate and lively programs that make a comprehensive blend of all news concerns. The regular transmission that started an 4 September, 2008 reaches out across the nation including seventy-two countries via satellite technology.

Our Objectives
• To disseminate factual and reliable information to the general masses for enriching Nepali society.
• To create awareness at the gross root level.
• To represent the voice of underprivileged groups.
• To ascertain that the people make informed choice in nation building and make them proactive for civic discourse in all walks of life.

Our Motto

Television are regarded as the most effective and popular mass media. Nonetheless, it is equally true that these media will not sustain if the glamour quotient only gets preference (which is unfortunately seen in today’s journalism) over the honest journalistic exercise. Even more so, the sustainability and success of the news channels in particular depends on their true passion of imparting credible news. So we have inculcated in us these values and ethos that will be ultimately reflected into our prime objective of providing Accurate, Balances and Credible information. This said, the inevitable cut-throat competition in Nepali Media cannot be undermined. Nor would it be disputable that effective advertisement has become the strongest means for success and prosperity of any business in the modern time. Keeping this all in view, we would like to offer an effective and maximum mileage for brand promotion of our valued clients’ products and services. We commit to serve you with the improved means and novelty of broadcast media.

Future Plan :
With an objective to serve public with accurate, balanced and credible news, ABC television has been very successfully running in business for 7 years. ABC television always ensures that all sectors of the society are aware about the developments and events happening around them. As a responsible media leader, it has always made an effort in the development of the various sectors of the country. It believes that Education is primarily important to ensure the development of any country- higher the number of educated people better the development and prosperity of the country. Keeping in view this fact, we have been promoting and broadcasting various television programs and news, but we are aware that this is not enough. After consulting with the media experts and our well wishers, we have decided to multiply our effort to develop the education sector of the country. In this effort, ABC Channel has been working in the plan to add a separate line in its broadcasting – ABC Education. This separate channel will be mainly focused on education development. We will be incorporating various education related programs, news and documentaries in this channel. We hope that this will be a historic and monumental effort in the media history of Nepal.

As a tool of new education channel, (Edu Nepal) ‘Media Support Nepal’

Nepal was ranked 157th out of 191 nations of the world in the United Nations Human Development Report, 2012, and has yet to craft an effective strategy to uplift its Human Development Index (HDI). One of the biggest challenges has always remained Education. Though the literacy number has increased a little more than past, the uneducated population still remains at large around the country. Even out of so called people having access to literacy has very limited numbers who might have completed just a secondary education. Many are forced to give up the classes in school at primary level, who would merely know how to write letters and read books. The infrastructure for schools, educational materials such as books, copies and pencils, teachers are always in good demand throughout the country, but have barely been addressed.

As a responsible citizens of Nepal, we know there is unlimited problem and very limited solutions. We are aware about the urgency to address the problem. We always remained supportive to the idea that education is the only way that can ensure the development of any country. Our awareness and idea helped us get united to address these problems collectively. This has resulted the formation of Media Support Nepal, a mission to improve education in Nepal. The leadership of Mr. Shubha Shankar Kandel as a president has been well supported by vice president Sharada Sharma and other team members including Mr. Kim Yong Inn, who has greatly been helping as an international advisor in its effort to improve the education in Nepal.

The team has been very effectively working with the aim to provide educational training throughout the country. The organization has an objective to provide education to the women and people from lower and middle class families who remains uneducated at large.

Unlike the traditional way of carrying out the programs, the organization has envisioned to produce different educational programs in radios and televisions in the short run and lunch an education television channel in the long run. Moreover, the organization has also planned to publish various books also. It has also targeted to publicize books in different languages such as Korean, Japanese and English to address the need of those communities who wishes to learn these languages as well. It will be very helpful to get them familiarize with different cultures also.

With this mission, Media Support Nepal has been very actively involved to improve the education system of Nepal. As we are growing, we are being supported by numerous well wishers of Nepal. We keep looking forward to make our team bigger incorporating people from all walks of life nationally and internationally. We are very encouraged to see that there are people and organizations who want to work with us adding hands on hands. We would like to welcome and thank every support to lead this novel mission to change the face of Nepal.



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